My Journey

Hi there! My name is Gretchen, a registered dietitian married to a third-generation farmer and rancher in central Kansas. He’s over the pastures, and I care for the plates.

First, a registered dietitian.

First things first, I became a dietitian. Fresh out of school, I began working at a hospital and transitioned shortly after to a primary care office to provide nutrition counseling. Day in and day out, I was shocked by how fearful we all are of food. How can a food be bad? I was stumped, but this got me thinking.

Next, a farm wife.

Plates married Pastures in August of 2017. No amount of schooling or dating could have prepared me for my new life on the farm. But golly, do I love it.

A year later, I had made a few adjustments and accomplished putting just about any meal into a to-go box for supper in the tractor or on the back of the flatbed truck. Nailed it.

As a farm wife and dietitian, I again was presented with the challenge of there being “good and bad” foods. This time, in relation to pesticides, antibiotics, vaccinations and GMOs.

Then, Pastures and Plates.

I began Pastures and Plates in an effort to challenge common food myths and build confidence in creating a family meal everyone will enjoy. Pastures and Plates features photographs of these meals I feed my own hungry family (and a few recipes!). It is my hope that a better understanding of our food will eliminate unnecessary fears.

And now, a farm mama.

Our herd grew by one more in September 2018 (and I thought there were lessons learned on the farm!). Complete awe mixed with a so much fear of the unknown, I was head over heels in love with this little boy.

Of two!

I get it.

Now, I finally understand. Mamas go above and beyond to raise a happy and healthy family, and this includes feeding them well.

Let’s do just this! No need to let fear and restriction guide our food choices, but rather, confidence and choice.

What do you think?

Are you a brand or organization looking to partner with a registered dietitian who has an appreciation for agriculture and home cooking? Learn more about the opportunities here!

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