My Journey

Hi there! My name is Gretchen, a registered dietitian married to a third-generation farmer and rancher in central Kansas. He’s over the pastures, and I care for the plates.

First, a dietitian.

First things first, I became a dietitian. Fresh out of school, I started out at a hospital and transitioned shortly after to outpatient nutrition counseling. In my day-to-day practice, I was shocked by how fearful we all are of food. Food, a must-have to simply breathe and sleep. How can food be “bad” when we need this to survive (not to mention that food is obviously also quite delicious)? I was stumped, but this got me thinking.

Next, a farm wife.

Plates married Pastures in August of 2017. No amount of schooling or dating could have prepared me for my new life on the farm. But golly, do I love it.

A year later, I had made a few adjustments and accomplished putting just about any meal into a to-go box for supper in the tractor or on the back of the flatbed truck. Nailed it.

As a farm wife and dietitian, I again was presented with the challenge of there being “good and bad” foods. What is this all about?

Then, Pastures and Plates.

I began Pastures and Plates in an effort to challenge common food myths and build confidence in creating a family meal everyone will enjoy. Pastures and Plates features photographs of these meals I feed my own hungry family (and a few recipes!). It is my hope that a better understanding of food will eliminate unnecessary fears.

And now, a farm mama.

Our herd grew by one more in September 2018 (and I thought there were lessons learned on the farm!). Complete awe mixed with a so much fear of the unknown, I was head over heels in love with this little boy.

Now I understand. A mother would do anything to raise a happy and healthy family, and one of the highest priorities then, is feeding her family well.

Let’s do just this!

What do you think?

Are you a brand or organization looking to partner with a registered dietitian who has an appreciation for agriculture and home cooking? Learn more about the opportunities here!

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