I am SO happy you stumbled upon Pastures and Plates! For this first post, I would like to share with you an inkling of what you can expect from this site.

I am passionate about food and feeding my family well. In doing so, I like to use a variety of foods, some fresh and other more convenient options as well. Always fruits and vegetables. On this site, you will find a gallery of (mostly!) balanced plates. I am posting these plates to demonstrate that you can, indeed, feed your family well…even with some country-cookin’!

Off and on, I would like to share these recipes with you. We don’t just eat to survive (at least my family doesn’t!). We eat because food tastes fantastic, and we truly value one another’s company around the supper table. Amen? On this site, you will find a few tried-and-true, classic recipes passed down through the generations.

Finally, the blog. Eating has gotten complicated. One of the reasons I believe this to have become somewhat of a tangled mess is a misunderstanding of where our food comes from. As a registered dietitian and a farmer’s wife, I have a unique opportunity to share with you the “other side of the table”. The final piece you will find on this site involves negating common agriculture and nutrition-related myths.

Again, my goal in writing is to help you feel more confident that you are feeding your family well. Savor the posts and share your thoughts. I would like very much to hear from you!

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